Do you like battles with super powers?

How about intense situations?

Or strong friendships, overwhelming emotions and lots of laughter?

If you are fond of all of these, then this website is for you! Tap the cover and read about a world full of people with extraordinary abilities who fight demons, preventing their entrance to Earth. Follow Christopher and his friends to unreal adventures in a modern reality. Prepare for the unexpected.


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About The Authors


Christoforos Zosimidis is an Audio Engineer and author of the fantasy book, Soul & Fire: The Cursed Shadows. As a kid, he used to immerse himself in the imaginary world of games, comics, and movies, which lead him to create his own world. Based on Νürnberg, besides writing, he also composes music for his book.


Pantelis Nazlidis is a legal counselor who co-authored Soul & Fire: The Cursed Shadows. Being a vivid reader made him want to write his own book and let his imagination soar. Living in Greece, he continues writing and preparing the sequel of the story.